AI Powered Solutions for Socially Responsible Investors.

We are building advanced tools for ESG-minded investors, using AI-based Natural Language Processing technologies to distill and summarize all relevant information in a streamlined, concise and interactive format.

ESG is growing in importance, but technology is not keeping up.
The 4 key gaps existing today are:

1. Lack of Transparency and Standardization

There is a lack of standards in ESG data and a lack of transparency into how ESG performance is evaluated, driving investors towards performing their own manual and time-consuming ESG evaluations.

2. Lack of Centralization

Lack of centralization of data sources causes investors to consult many disparate tools for ESG analysis, supplemented by manual review of disclosures and news.

3. Underutilized Data Sources

Due to time constraints, information from data sources such as social media, employee and consumer reviews, blog posts, etc. is underutilized, leaving important information sources untapped.

4. Legacy Tools

There is a lack of modern tools designed “from the ground-up” for active ESG management. ESG analysis is highly manual, time consuming, and not user-friendly.

Our technology addresses these needs:

1. Bringing Order to the Chaos

We use state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for detecting mentions of ESG issues in long-form news and short-form social media data. Due to our “AI-first” approach, our algorithms are constantly improving, enabling us to solve complex problems that have eluded traditional software providers.

2. Providing a Single Pane of Glass

We are creating a “one-stop” solution, combining all relevant data sources in one screen, allowing users to simplify their workflow and avoid context switching.

3. Expanding your Reach

We will provide a comprehensive suite of data sources, including highly informative but heavily underutilized ones such as Reddit, specific message boards, such as Y-Combinator forums and specialized sources like Glassdoor and consumer complaint databases.

4. Demonstrate Deep Active Management at a Reduced Total Cost

We are designing an active ESG solution we can tailor to your process. It will simplify the analyst’s day-to-day, improve understanding of ESG risks, and provide reporting capabilities to help you immediately demonstrate the depth and breadth of your ESG approach.