We are harnessing new advanced technologies to help solve critical and age-old problems.

Advanced Natural Language Processing for ESG

Deep-learning algorithms for detecting mentions of ESG issues using varied sources of unstructured text data. Our algorithms are constantly improving, backed by peer-reviewed research, and serve as a basis for our more complex NLP features such as creating “clusters” to detect themes of ESG issues, providing an information edge to our users.

Our platform integrates our algorithms with multiple data sources, allowing for user-friendly, fast interactions aligned across company mentions and ESG risks, as well as consistency in how information is delivered across key data sources.

Advanced ESG Portfolio Optimization

Our technology can be used to incorporate ongoing, automated ESG insights into your portfolio management process. Non-exclusionary strategies for ESG hold much promise, allowing you to flexibly pivot to and away from holdings as their ESG performance changes, without compromising returns, preventing large drastic moves, and without compromising long-term returns.